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Transform your smile and save money with Turkey Dental Implants! Our top-rated Turkish dentists provide premium dental treatments, including implants, bridges, crowns and dentures, at a fraction of the cost of UK prices. Experience long-term strength and less maintenance with our high-quality dental implants.


  • Save money without sacrificing quality: Dental implants in Turkey offer the same level of care and quality as in the UK, but at a fraction of the cost.
  • Long-term stability and strength: Dental implants fused with the jaw provide a stable, long-term solution to tooth loss that is stronger than traditional removable bridges and dentures.
  • Convenience and support: UK Smiles offers easy coordination with Turkish dentists, and a UK-based customer service team accessible via WhatsApp for a smooth and stress-free experience.
Dental Implants Dental Implants

Dental Implants From Turkey

Dental implants are synthetic replacement teeth that involve a metal ‘post’ (usually a titanium screw) being surgically implanted directly into your jaw bone, allowing the tooth section to be added on top to give the appearance of a healthy natural tooth.

A premium dental treatment, implants provide a stable long-term solution to tooth loss. They can often better alternative to removable bridges and traditional dentures, which may move in the mouth and cause irritation and be more prone to breakage.

Instead, connecting bridges, crowns and dentures to dental implants fused with the jaw means long-term strength and less regular maintenance. 

But you don’t have to pay UK prices for a first-class dental treatment like implants. Turkey is an increasingly recognised centre of dental excellence, performing teeth implants at a fraction of the price of UK dentists.

UK Smiles loves pairing up savvy UK clients who want to save money on their teeth implants without compromising on care and quality with Turkish dentists who are experts in their field.

Why replace missing teeth with Implants?

Small titanium screws replace the root of the teeth. Artificial teeth or crowns are then fixed to the implants. Dental implants are perfect for teeth that may be loose or lost altogether. Dental implants are suitable for nearly all people for both cosmetic or health reasons.

Are you in pain or struggling to cope with your current dentures, worried about getting dentures? Unhappy with the gap in your teeth? Then a dental implant may be a suitable treatment for you. High-quality dental implants are generally are regarded as a high-cost service in the UK. Here at UK Smiles, we offer the same level of implant service at a more affordable cost. At UK Smiles, we use a titanium screw to form an artificial tooth. The screw anchors the tooth in place and allows us to place a realistic-looking crown on top. Typically the titanium screw is placed into the jaw bone in place of a tooth that is already missing or potentially one we have just removed for you. The crown will look completely natural, and we have a 100% complete satisfaction score. When we provide you with a cost or a price for your service, this price will be all-inclusive of every fee. There will be no further fees involved in your treatment. You can find out more about dental implants by visiting the Bupa site.

How much do full mouth dental Implants cost in Turkey?

The dental implant price in Turkey is often judged on a case by case basis. However, the cost of dental implants is much cheaper than in the UK. The costs range from £450 per tooth and £6500 for ‘All On 4’ Full mouth implants.

Below is an exact breakdown of the full mouth dental implants costs.

For our Teeth implants cost, see below.

Dental Implants Cost (GBP £) Cost ( Euros €)
Per Tooth £450 €505
All On 4 (Full Mouth) £6500 €7296

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Dental Implants

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Dental Implants

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