How do they do hair transplants in Turkey? The Facts (2021)

How do they do hair transplants in Turkey?

Hair transplantation in Turkey involves removing hair from a donor region (often the back of the head, but sometimes the beard and other locations as needed) and transplanting it into an area with little to no hair growth.

“The gold standard for hair transplantation at the moment is termed Follicular Unit Extraction,” Washenik explains. “FUE is a cutting-edge surgical procedure for hair regrowth. It is less invasive than standard hair transplantation. This surgical procedure does not leave a linear scar and does not require sutures.

When the primary objective of hair restoration is to attain maximal fullness, FUT is advised. FUT may be a better option than FUE for individuals having severe baldness around the crown region of the head.

How long does it take for a Turkish hair transplant to take effect?

After a few weeks, the transplanted hair will fall out but will regenerate. This is a perfectly typical period. You will begin to notice your new hair six months following your hair transplant. And you will see the complete outcome of your hair transplant in 12 to 18 months.

How successful is hair transplantation on Turkey?

Clinical investigations have demonstrated that about

85-95 percent of all implanted grafts thrive successfully

  in the transplanted region. This high rate suggests that hair transplants are quite successful in general. Certain patients fear that, like with previous transplants, a condition known as graft rejection would occur. We have answered more inside

‘can hair transplants go wrong?’.

What is the best age to get a hair transplant in Turkey?

As a general rule, individuals over the age of 30 should seek hair transplant surgery. For individuals under the age of 30, they should first try hair loss medicines to stabilise their hair loss before attempting FUE hair transplantation.

Is hair transplantation safe in Turkey?

Is hair transplantation safe in Turkey? Absolutely! There is a reason why Turkey is the first nation that springs to mind when considering hair transplantation on a global scale. Patients from dozens of nations travel to

Turkey for hair transplantation


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