Dental Treatment In Turkey

Dental Treatment In Turkey

There are many 

dental centres in Turkey

 now offering dental treatment at a mere fraction of the price compared to countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The clinics provide a wide range of treatments from simple teeth whitening to full mouth restorations using 

dental implants

, crowns or 


. It is becoming increasingly popular for residents of the UK to fly to Turkey what ‘ 

all-inclusive dental package deals’

. These deals include bespoke treatment, your accommodation, your transfers to and from the airport, all your appointment pickups and even your flights! The average cost for these packages ranges between £3000-6000 whereas in the UK this would come in around £20,000-30,000. So around a 70-80% saving! 

Most Popular Treatments 

 The most popular choice for customers travelling to Turkey is to undergo a full mouth makeover using a range of different techniques. The current most popular option is the use of Zirconium full 

veneers (crowns)

. This method is extremely good at restoring poorly aligned teeth, broken teeth, damaged teeth etc. Similarly, 

Emax full veneers

 offer a similar result with a slightly more natural-looking appearance. The material used in the front allows more light to pass through for a natural translucent appearance. Also widespread in Turkey is the use of dental implants. Just one single implant in the Uk cost £3000-4000, whereas in Turkey it can be as little as £300-600. Many clinics even offer a lifetime guarantee on dental implants, such as Antalya based dental provider UK Smiles! 



ransfer Services provided by Clinics

As mentioned previously, many dental providers also offer an airport pick up and drop off service, alongside picking you up for all your dental appointments from your hotel. Some of these providers are even offering Luxury high-level vehicles with onboard WiFi! Dental provider Uk Smiles offer a private pick up service which takes you directly to your hotel so you can begin your holiday right away! 

All-Inclusive Hotels & Accommodation

Generally, as part of your dental service, providers in Turkey will offer a hotel to stay at, all included in the price. Some providers will offer high-level hotels, whereas some may provide boutique hotel stays. Uk Smiles dental provider, based in Antalya, offer a few different packages to suit an individuals budget, from lovely boutique hotels right up to your excellent 5-star all-inclusive stunning hotels. 

Location of the dental clinics

Over the years, Antalya in Turkey has risen to become the dental capital of Turkey, hosting the best clinics available compared to Istanbul, Boston etc. Although Antalya is a vast area and would belittle a site such as London, so the clinics are really spread around. Some of the clinics are located in areas so that you can enjoy a fantastic holiday at the same time. Uk smiles dental clinic (rengarenk dental clinic) is based in the area of Konyaalti, Antalya, which hosts Antalya’s most famous beach, a wide array of bars, restaurants, shops and is just a short taxi

ride to many points of interest. 

Points of interest in Antalya 

There a hundred amazing places which would take a lifetime to visit across Turkey, but Antalya hosts a large number of these. Below is listed some of the popular choices for customers who travel to Turkey for dental treatment. 

Konyaalti beach 

Lara beach 

Many restaurants (Nemo, siralli, midpoint, big chef) 

Kaleici (Ant

alya old town) 

Land of legends water and theme park (Belek) 

Düden waterfalls 

Customer feedback

 With Antalya, Turkey becoming more and more popular for dental treatment, that customers are leaving happy and constantly recommending friends and family also. Many customers are leaving video testimonials and reviews on social media, which is growing the industry hugely. Some of these reviews can be seen on Instagram 


One of the reasons it seems customers are leaving happy is down to them also receiving guarantees for their procedures! Uk Smiles is offering a 7-year guarantee on zirconium full veneers procedures, which is the longest available in Turkey! Although the teeth generally have a life span of 15-20 years! 

So Why Travel to Turkey For Dental Treatments?


To summarise, is it worthwhile travelling to Turkey for dental care? If you are unhappy with your smile, want to enjoy an amazing holiday in the sun? Then yes travelling to Turkey to gain back your confidence is worthwhile and a choice very little few of people will regret. Why spend £30,000 in the UK when better dentistry is available at a fraction of the cost! 

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