Why Get a Smile Transformation in Turkey

Why Get a Smile Transformation in Turkey

Have you been dreaming of having that “million dollar smile” that everybody talks about? You’re definitely not the only one. In the UK, getting

dental veneers

or anything that falls under the category of

cosmetic dentistry

has to go through the NHS, as well as there having to be a clinical need. You might have already heard that when it comes to cosmetic dentistry Turkey is the place to be, as this kind of procedure can be completed in just one day. Not only is it considered quick, but the procedure is also highly affordable; and so a lot of Brits are making their way down there for a new set of teeth. Below are some of the main reasons why people are massively travelling to

Turkey for veneers.


Low Cost 

One of the main reasons for people to get their dental implants in Turkey is because of the low cost. Some clinics will do the procedure for as little as 120 pounds, whereas the price in the UK for this kind of procedure will start at 400 pounds and then will most probably go up. Of course, there are things to consider such as travel and accommodation costs, however this will never be too high. 

Quick Procedures

As was mentioned above, completing the procedure of

getting low cost veneers

in Turkey can be done in as little as 24 hours. This is another, very appealing factor that is making people rapidly travel to Turkey to get these dental implants. In the UK, there would be a consultation process of about three weeks that would take place before the actual procedure, already making a huge difference in how the two countries operate. 

Hygiene and Advanced Technologies

It is not only the low cost and the quick procedures that is tempting for customers, it is also the high standard of hygiene and the up-to-date advanced technologies used by the doctors. Turkish clinics for cosmetic dentistry see people from all over the world each day and each week; this means that there is a certain standard they have to maintain. Turkish doctors see 10 times more patients a day than any other dentist, meaning they will have more experience in the field overall and they will feel a certain pressure to perform even better. 

Discounts and Airport Pick Ups

Knowing that there are many people coming from abroad to get their veneers done in Turkey, the clinics will often have partnerships with hotels and taxi services to provide discounts during customers’ stay in Turkey and pick-ups from the Airport, to the hotel, and to the clinic. This will make the stay a lot more comfortable and having secure transport to and from important places is a big relief and a lot less to worry about. 


To summarise, getting your veneers done in Turkey has a number of benefits to it and it is clear why so many people travel long ways to get their procedures done there. The significantly low cost when compared to the UK (or anywhere else for that matter) is already a big plus. Next to this, if you would want to, they could do the procedure in as little as one day, and you could be finished with your trip to Turkey in just one weekend. Lastly, you won’t have to worry about the quality of work (in the majority of clinics) since the Turkish doctors have a certain standard to live up to with the amount of people

getting teeth implants abroad

, as well as the fact that they most likely have better equipment than in the UK. All in all, if you really want to get that million dollar smile, the chances are you will definitely be well off getting it done in one of the many clinics Turkey has to offer. 

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